Decoding Dialing: A Guide to Taiwan’s Phone Area Codes (Beyond +886)

While the international calling code +886 connects you to Taiwan, navigating within the country requires understanding its area codes. This article delves deeper, exploring the different area codes in Taiwan and offering insights for a seamless calling experience.

Unveiling the Layers: From Country Code to Area Code

We know +886 is Taiwan’s international calling code, but what comes after? Here’s where area codes come into play. These unique prefixes identify specific geographic regions within Taiwan, ensuring calls reach the intended location. Common area codes include:

These are just a few examples, and Taiwan has many more area codes for various regions.

Finding the Right Code: Resources at Your Fingertips

Unsure about a specific Taiwanese area code? Here are some ways to find the information you need:

Beyond Basic Calls: Special Considerations for Mobile Numbers

While landline numbers typically follow HOW TO ESTIMATE WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO SELL ON THE DAY YOU LAUNCH YOUR ONLINE STORE the format +886 (area code) + local phone number, mobile numbers in Taiwan have a slightly different structure:

Mobile Prefix:

Mobile numbers in Taiwan generally begin with the digit “09”.

Unique Identifier:

Following the prefix is a unique eight-digit number assigned to the specific mobile phone line.

Therefore, a call to a Taiwanese mobile phone might look like this: +886 09 XXXXXXX (where X represents the remaining digits of the mobile number).

Exploring Taiwan’s Diverse Regions with the Right Code

Understanding area codes unlocks the ability to connect with specific regions in Taiwan, each offering unique experiences:

By using the right area code, you can ensure your calls reach the intended recipient within Taiwan’s diverse regions.

Mastering the art of dialing within Taiwan goes beyond just the country code. Understanding area codes empowers you to connect with specific locations and experience the rich tapestry that Taiwan offers. So, the next time you need to make a call to Taiwan, remember – find the right area code and dial your way to a successful connection!

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