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The definition of tutoring, or mentoring, by the literature and experts is to be a professional development tool in which a professional with years of experience, being a reference in the area, offers guidance for another person to achieve their goals. The Tutoring Program at DP6 is a little different from what you see in the market. Here, the program aims to welcome, support and guide both about our culture, values ​​and how processes work and to guide professional development. Our differential is that everyone at DP6 has a tutor/tutor) and, to be a tutor, professionals need to hold positions from the full level.

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As our Human and Organizational Development coordinator, Kellyn, commented in this episode of Crescimentum’s entre nos pod. “Since its founding, DP6 has always had a strong role in training people, and in 2015 we were already in a moment of growth and we thought about how we can accelerate this development of people, and researching British Student B2C Mobile Number Lists some alternatives, we found the mentoring model a good solution” . And how it works? From the full consultant/analyst career level, the professional already acts as a tutor for another professional, which we call a pupil. At the beginning, the professional takes on the tutoring of just one pupil, and as he progresses in his career, he also takes on more pupils with higher career levels. Generally, we rotate tutors every or when the mentee or tutor requests it.

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For the internship program (learn more in our podcast ), in the first year of DP6, interns go through 3 tutors. The goal is to speed up onboarding and provide a broad view of what the mentoring program is all about. How does the People area help tutors and pupils? In order for tutors to have guidance and support, the People area offers specific EK Leads training on tutoring every six months, with guidance on how to give feedback and how to help with development. In addition, there are bimonthly meetings with other tutors that are conducted by the area’s People Business Partner. It is a space for exchange between the tutors and the business partner (BP), which also brings information/communications, answers questions and helps with matters related to people management.


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