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July-August: encouragement to try quick exercises that will get you back in shape a week before the holiday. September-October: season tickets for pupils, teachers and students, new school year – new resolutions. November-December: pass as a gift idea, preparation for the new year by purchasing a pass. A communication strategy for each month of the year may result in equalizing the proportion of revenues, which is usually cause by the seasonality of sales. Are you looking for an effective PR agency? You’ve come to the right place – how can we help you.

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Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Seasonality of sales and negative effects for the company Seasonality of sales in the last paragraph will be presente as an opportunity. For now, however, it is worth understanding that it also carries whatsapp mobile number list certain risks. The most serious is the lack of financial liquidity. It happens that the owners of the companies themselves are not aware of subtle differences over the course of the year, and only a marketing audit makes them aware of the seasonality of sales. We recommend Emotional branding, or the Lovemarks theory A negative effect in terms of seasonality of sales may also be low engagement and weakening loyalty of customers who forget about the company for half a year or more.

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An intelligent marketing strategy, such as a newsletter, YouTube channel, loyalty club, etc. will help here. The company can skillfully remind customers about itself, by showing preparations many months before the season or by releasing side EK Leads products and services available for most of the year. You can learn a lot about customer nees over the course of a year by following and analyzing search engine trends. They allow you to react very quickly to new fashions and off-season nees. Can you sell all year round? Seasonality of sales is not only a problem for companies that sell tours only during holidays or Christmas decorations only in December. Also people who deal with online business face this phenomenon.

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