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Why ROI is really alive and well? How to calculate ROI? How to use ROI correctly? What is ROI?ROI is the abbreviation of Return Over Investment. Essentially, it is a way to measure what type of profit you are making based on the money you are investing in a marketing strategy. ROI is an important metric as it can tell you if you are spending money in the wrong areas. 

Marketing Strategies Are Capable of Contributing a Lot to a Company

At the same time making us lose money, if we do not analyze them and follow them effectively. For this reason, it is important to have data top people data that shows us the total cost of the strategies and the money used so that they remain afloat and lead us to the results we expect. There are many metrics to measure this reality and it can be overwhelming to choose which ones you want to use. But what happened to the premise of establishing a marketing campaign simply for the engagement it gives us, without taking finances into account?

Requirements Graduate in the Area

There is absolutely nothing wrong with prioritizing engagement, but it cannot cloud our vision and lead us to put EK Leads money aside. Proven experience that they have already worked in the area. Experience in team management and leadership. Experience in creating marketing campaigns both traditionally and digitally. Have good prior knowledge of the company’s area of ​​specialization. Follow new market trends, both in the sector in which the company operates and in Marketing in general.

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