Learnings from 2021 and challenges for 2022

 Today it’s time to update my story. A year after revealing part of my life for you, I have started to update it. Today, January 3, 2022, I tell you my challenges . Although I also tell you that this week I will update (let me this week) my Storytelling. First article on my blog of 2022. And yes, I love him. I love 2021 as I loved 2020, and as I have loved in a few years, although they were both bastards. It has been two years with such a tsunami of emotions that you laugh at the emotional intelligence to manage them. Two years where I have experienced personal misfortunes.

I created my Story Emotion School

 I created my Story Emotion School. At the end of January 2021, my School was officially born . After many years of having my own training, I decided to combine them into the Story Emotion School for brands, professionals, businessmen, entrepreneurs and all those who want to learn, share and grow together job function email list hand in hand. A Training School on Storytelling, Copywriting, Narrative, Emotional and Experiential Marketing, Content Marketing and Branding.

Take the in-person workshop tour of Colombia

Take the in-person workshop tour of Colombia for three weeks in the three main cities, Bogotá, Medellín and Cali. The reason? The most obvious one that has affected the entire planet. But I have set it as a challenge for 2023. I couldn’t convert all live formations to evergreen. But there is peace, 2022 has arrived. These are three of the challenges EK Leads that I set for myself for 2021 and that mattered most to me on a professional level. But there is no drama, in the end, all good things take time. So, at least the third point is in the plans for 2022.

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