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Legal information – “ ”: Get qualified leads on your website Comment Digital Marketing Author: According to the annual Spanish study, is the most commonly used mobile in Spain . In fact, more than ( thousand users of the Spanish population over ) installed it on their phones! Given the potential of this app for businesses, the multichannel marketing tool – launched a very interesting feature to capture potential customers on your site.

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But it’s not a simple plugin so they can write to you on chat like they do, and many others have  latest database  done so it’s even more exciting! Do you want to know the function Of course, otherwise you wont read this post: Okay, let’s get started, hey! Stage directory index of design website What is -“ ” How to create “ ” form in – You can add fields to form Name Moving Languages Email Phone Last name Birth date Agree Additional fields Create camp by “ ”Tips about

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important usage Do not ask too much information Do not bother & personal opinion What is – the “ ” – the “ ” function allows you to add <TAG1> chats to your website in order to start a conversation with your users, who can become potential customers Then become a customer. There are other   EK Leads  plugins on the market that can chat through your website, but “ ” will allow you to customize more chat forms, being able to request information from users other than phone numbers.

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