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 Survey your potential customers

One of the best ways to validate your business is to talk to your customers. However, you can also conduct online research before interacting with them in person. 4. IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET MARKET Who are your target customers?

What are they looking for

What do you think they need? Can you spot e-merce ERCE  A Real Estate Agent’s Lead Generation Lifeline trends ? Are there other anizations taking care of them? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Targeting traditional customer segments may be a better strategy.


 Instead, you need to know who you’re serving

 Additionally, if you plan to obtain a business

loan, most investors and lenders will require you to create a business pla please remain Mastering Warm Lead Generation thorough and professional. It should also include the following: Nature of your business what are you selling How your business will help you make money Your employees and employee lists Where will you get the money to fund your business? Your business operating model You must also keep your target audience in mind when developing your plan.


 If they are an investor make sure you

know what you are doing. If you hire people to work for you, make sure they can see your values and how they will be treated. From start to finish, your business plan will look like this: executive Summary pany Marketing Plan financial plan Logistics and operations planning When writing down your plan, you need to know your goals.


 Typically, it would be a lot different

if you were writing an article that would help you get startup discovery or outline it for yourself. You also need to maintain a consistent tone throughout the document. One of the best ways to ensure this is to have one person write the entire document, and then make sure you have time to edit the document thoroughly before submitting it to anyone outside of your pany.


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