Proxies: What are they and what are they used for in SEO?

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According to Wikipedia’s definition, proxies or proxy servers in a computer Hungary Mobile Number List network are servers that act as intermediaries in requests for resources made by a client (A) to another server (C). For example, if a hypothetical machine A requests a resource from C, it will do so by means of a request to B, which in turn will forward the request to C; in this way C will not know that the request originally came from A.


Types of proxies that exist?

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Proxies can be classified by type of service and level of anonymity .

Proxies according to the type of service we find:

  1. Public proxies: These are free resources with major limitations in terms  Therefore,  of confidentiality and which are usually penalized by search engines. Therefore, their use is recommended for simple web browsing.
  1. Semi-private proxies: These are proxies that are used professionally but shared with other clients. This is an economical option for companies that market this type of service by sharing costs.
  1. Private proxies: These are also for professional use but are exclusive and therefore assigned to a single client.

Depending on the type of anonymity we differentiate between:

  1. Transparent proxies: They are not very secure and often leave tracesBelgium Phone Number List Although you will be able to change your IPs to make requests, you will end up being detected.
  1. Anonymous proxies: . As their name indicates, these are proxies that do not transfer information about the original IP, which provides confidentiality guarantees.
  1. Elite proxies: These are the safest on the market, as they will  Therefore,  never share information about your original IP, and even hide the fact that you are using this resource. Therefore, it will never be possible to know if the IP you are using is original or if it is an IP from a proxy. Let’s say that the IP shown will be as if it were the original one.

What are they used for in SEO?

Proxies in used for issues such as:

  • Automated link generation: through tools such as gsa, Scrapebox, FCS.
  • Avoiding wrong penalties for social media management: This problem oftnage a large number of their clients’ accounts. On many occasions, these social platforms interpret this use of multiple profiles managed from the same IP as possible spam. Thus, they block all the accounts that this “suspicious” IP has accessed.
  • They help improve geolocation: by using proxies you can improve the a given location. To do this, you only need to use a proxy that is located in the area where you want to enhance your presence.
  • Caching support: Proxies allow caching of a website in a user’s browser. This provides certain guarantees of optimal loading speed
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