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July HoReCa Food recipes – how do they affect the image of the restaurant? A recipe dating back to the 11th century… Grandma’s recipe. In a world where everything is available at hand, such messages strongly stimulate the imagination. Because recipes are not only about taste – check how to use them to increase sales. Recipes of dishes and their importance in running a restaurant Developing recipes for dishes as a marketing activity Food recipes as marketing tools – examples Recipes of dishes – to guard or to share? Food recipes and the law Recipes of dishes and their importance in running a restaurant Food is necessary for us to live.

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But today there are too many ways to provide yourself with energy. More and more often, guests come to a restaurant only when they want to spend time with friends in an interesting place or try a previously unknown recipe of dishes. Everyone has whatsapp mobile number list their favorite places to which they return. Very often, what attracts us to a particular pizzeria or cafe is the taste that cannot be found anywhere else. The easiest way to get it is by reaching for local, unique products. You can also create recipes base on unusual combinations of flavors or techniques, intense spices or other distinguishing features.

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Developing recipes for dishes as a marketing activity In Polish conditions, opening a restaurant quite often consumes the entire resources EK Leads of the founders. However, those who have a bit more free time and resources know how important the recipe development stage is. Since a recipe is both a technical list of steps and an element of art, it is impossible to calculate down to the minute how long it will take. At the stage of collecting ideas and developing recipes, you can: take part in workshops, collect ethnographic and historical materials, test ideas, look for the best products, develop your own methods.

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