what country is 65

The country code +65 corresponds to Singapore.

This code is essential when making international calls to Singapore. For example, to call a Singaporean number (12345678) from the United States, you would dial:


Singapore has a unique phone number system with no area codes. All Singapore phone numbers consist of exactly 8 digits.

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Singapore: A Vibrant Island Nation

Singaporeheal is a city-state About Problems Apologies Instead Of Retorts located in Southeast Asia. Known for its modern infrastructure, diverse culture, and strong economy, Singapore is a global financial hub.

About Problems Apologies Instead Of Retorts

Key Points about Singapore

Singapore’s Unique Identity

Singapore’s rapid development and transformation into a global city-state is a remarkable story. Its strategic location, coupled with a stable government and business-friendly environment, has contributed to its economic success.

Singapore’s Culture

Singapore’s diverse population, comprising Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Eurasian communities, has created a rich cultural tapestry. The country celebrates a harmonious blend of traditions, festivals, and modern lifestyles.

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