When did you stop prioritizing yourself

We forget too often to put ourselves first. Misunderstanding that love begins with others. That desire begins with others. We do for others, you know… If we live for others. And no, not like that. It is a serious mistake that a withered society has included us in a DNA, intoxicated by the manipulation of critical thinking that does not allow us to spit out our personality and innate charisma. No, true love begins with you, with prioritizing yourself, with learning to love your flaws and virtues above everything and everyone. To live your fucking life, and not someone else’s. Be vehement with your desires, and then those of others. Do for yourself, to do later for others. To live for yourself, and not for someone else’s… although later you do.

You better tell it! (Antonio Núñez)

This book by Antonio Núñez, specialized in communication, could not be missing from the list of the 10 storytelling books. I share your thought that we are facing infoxiation. In fact, I have been saying for years that we are in the Age of Infoxication, the Age of excess noise caused by Marketing, Communication and email database Advertising. Excess of banal content. So, according to Núñez, this makes it increasingly difficult for us to listen, for the simple reason that the same information reaches us through different channels and platforms.

Storytelling, the machine for making stories and formatting minds (Christian Salmon)

 One of the storytelling books that has surprised me the most to date is this one by Christian Salmon. Be careful, it’s not what you expect if no one has told you about it, I guarantee it. Salmon leaves no room for discussion, almost, when it comes to criticizing the way of communicating through storytelling as manipulation. But he believes in her, of course. It is not an easy book, in the sense that it breaks your preconceived EK Leads patterns. He uses an essay tone, but his particular vision is really interesting. The title says it all. This book is the antithesis of the proponents of storytelling.

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