Check list to stay up to date on digital marketing

A digital marketing professional Check list must always be aware of what is happening in a sector as changing as the online one. Every day social networks present new functionalities, new APPs appear and new digital business models emerge. Being aware of all this is key to integrating this knowledge into the digital strategies of our projects.

But day-to-day work or Check list personal obligations

Therefore, in this article I explain 10 tips that Check list will help us category email list stay up to date with all the news in the digital world and thus improve our professional competitiveness. Digital Marketing 10 tips to be an excellent digital marketing professional. Network with other professionals . Attending a course or master’s degree in digital marketing, participating in afterwork or attending conferences or sector events are an excellent opportunity to meet people in your profession, exchange ideas, opinions.

Ways of working and be aware of what is happening in your profession

Social level and in terms of trends. Organize your EK Leads agenda, check that you have enough business cards in your wallet and… And meet people! Take specialized training. But be careful, not just any course will do. At the time, in the article «What to study to be a community manager? I talked about the importance of having training in marketing and communication if we are professionals in this branch of marketing. 

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