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I remember the day when our CIO Leonardo Naressi introduced the theme about The challenges of Advertising in the age of controlling Privacy days after the official announcement of Google Chrome, which was the browser with the highest market share, about the end of third-party cookies , and then I fell into despair. I work with online campaign optimization and help clients understand that last-click measurement is not always ideal. Without cookies to measure user journeys, how am I going to be able to understand them? Time passed and here at DP6 we developed knowledge on how to deal with this new data scenario for Marketing, because in the end, the buzz about.

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And now we would like to share some of this content with you talking about Integrated Marketing Measurement. age of consent One of the great evolutions in Marketing was the change from campaigns with little segmentation and India Car Owner Cell Phone Number List measurement to one with hyperpersonalization. Which there were more possibilities for understanding the effectiveness of campaigns through cookies. But now we are entering a new era, which is going through a time of regulation and consumer understanding of how their data has value. The people are concerned about privacy and want more control over how their data is used.

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Platforms are removing identifiers and bundling data to be shared with companies. However, in practice. Greater acceptance of terms of use in Brazil and few people rejecting cookies and adopting adblockers. Unlike European EK Leads After that, and North American behavior. We just implemented a multi-touch attribution model, did we throw money away. Despite the more direct need to identify unique users in attribution models with third-party cookies. Tracking a user’s origin to their environment is still possible to be done and augmented with first-party data.

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