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We’re not going to invent the bicycle, and you won’t see a single piece of code. In the second step/stage, I will teach you some tricks and technical nuances on how to choose a domain name for your business and how and where to host your domain. In the third step , you will see the fastest way to install WordPress on your page and how to make the initial settings for your newly create page. With plenty of picture material, learning is easy and fast!v while reading and later when creating your page, feel free to write to us by going to the contact page.

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Second step we find a suitable domain for you and host your website. domain name and hosting If you have already registere your domain name, you Latest Mailing Database can basically skip the second step, but I definitely recommend you not to do that. with you some tricks that I always follow when registering a domain . To create your website, you first nee two very important ” things “: Domain name for your new website (for example, minukoduleht.ee ). Web hosting to host your registere domain. WordPress is completely free for you.

Latest Mailing Database

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I mention once again that creating a 100% FREE website is unfortunately not possible, because you usually have to pay for your domain and web hosting but still – you can also get a domain name and accommodation “for free”. Read on and I’ll explain EK Leads to you why a free domain name and hosting will never work and may even hurt you later. why a free domain and hosting are not suitable: usually a free domain name is not reliable because it contains some prefix like This kind of thing is not appropriate in any case if you take it a little more seriously.

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