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 I’ve started using it for customers and I don’t think there’s going to be a way back. All went well, Manolo Reply Edouard Rubianes June Hi Manolo, all right, so I have nothing to say but thank you! Font, yes, that’s what you said I was looking at that drop-down menu and I don’t know exactly what happened because I didn’t see what was in front of me. I won’t deny that I was surprised to find that I could configure global colors instead of fonts and other things As for templates, it was more the same I went to play the layout designer, but I didn’t even think of looking at the options available in the panel.

It is the same as the Name field , but

 As I said, you have every right to throw me at the lion in a disaster, haha! Thank you so much  new data   for your appreciation : it has been corrected!!! Reply Manolo Santana January Haha!This is not a problem to throw anyone to the lion. Indeed, the learning curve is steeper than other builders. It still lacks integration, but its a viable approach, not a. Let’s see what happens between Gutenberg and we’re in an era of change. All went well, Manolo Reply Alfonso

to add the last names separately

January Very good blog, the information provided was very effective, helped and clarified a lot of questions, greetings Reply Edouard Rubianes January Thank you Alfonso!!! Reply Jonathan. It has been a year since I left and devoted myself to. I can tell you what, not miss a lot – Im just going to. I tell you that some of the things in this article are incorrect, and if it is compatible with and any plug-ins that  EK Leads  generate short code, then the magic is that you insert short code and use an oxygen detector selector, and you can style it that is, even if they are not native elements.

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