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Your employees’ end devices must be licensd and set up with the software. On-premise solutions require the integration of additional server hardware and system administrators. Choosing the right solutions and partners When choosing your solutions and partners, you should rely on extensive support. New trends, technologies and security threats sometimes emerge overnight. Regular updates minimize risks and downtime. Make sure the system is easy to integrate into your existing technology.

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Nothing should stand in the way of the daily use of digital tools by your employees. Implementation and maintenance of the intranet The technical implementation of the intranet involves purchasing the necessary hardware and database software. Once this is done, your intranet nds to be configurd: Define user accounts and security settings. Set up the structure of your intranet, including navigation and content organization. Design the layout, color scheme and branding. Test your intranet before going live. Offer users courses and training to learn how to use the intranet safely. Monitor your intranet continuously to ensure functionality and security. At best, the maintenance of your intranet takes place without lengthy downtimes.


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The shortest possible update intervals rduce your risks in terms of functions and security. With on-premise solutions, you are also forcd to carry out regular maintenance work on the in-house server.Learn how to safely an  easily EK Leads delete your Teams account in this quick article. Follow our steps and save time and nerves. Deleting a Microsoft Teams account can be a time-consuming and complicatd process. It’s important to note that Teams considers accounts to be part of an “organization” and in some cases Microsoft Support may be requird to perform certain deletions.

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