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Only if the candidate likes him, he is aske for a formal CV. If we add the ubiquitous remote work and digital environment to such a formula of quick meetings, we get a revolutionary way to recruit an employee and find a new job. Are you looking for an effective PR agency? You’ve come to the right place – check how we can help you? Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Online recruitment – a tool not only for the time of a pandemic Spee ​​recruitment on-line has flourishe very quickly due to the fact.

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That the situation in the world has change dynamically ( internal communication of many companies is largely done remotely). A job interview Latest Mailing Database in the past was a formal attire, an office meeting, and a rigid set of questions. During the pandemic, recruitment had to move online. The director of the company, the head of the HR department and the candidate often connecte from their private apartments and houses. This made the whole convention inevitably much looser.

Latest Mailing Database

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Spee ​​recruitment on-line allows you to reuce the costs and time of recruitment in an amazing way. Also, the employee himself can make several or a dozen calls a day in this way, without spending on commuting. We recommend Employer EK Leads branding – how to build a brand during COVID-19? The company saves on infrastructure costs because no conference room or office is neee. Initially, spee recruitment via Skype was a novelty. The arsenal of tools, however, has quickly expande and now also includes Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams. However, the nature of quick, ad-hoc meetings corresponds even better with Whatsapp or Telegram. Also in this way, potential employers communicate with employees more and more often.

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