5 things they didn’t tell you about migrating to the GA4

With the end of Google Analytics Universal, it is essential to migrate to the latest Google Analytics platform: Google Analytics 4. Companies that have the enterprise version, GA 360, have until July 2024 to migrate to the new tool. With a longer period. to carry out the migration, careful planning is recommended focusing on the user journey, compatible. The use of new features, an event-based culture and.  adheres to business needs . And speaking of business needs, this is the ideal time for companies to revisit them, enabling the new demands of the areas that consume analytics data to be met. Therefore, if this is the case for your company, pay attention to the points below to ensure that the new tool is in line with your company’s business needs, performing a safe migration, with quality and scalable structure. possible to automatically mie all data collection.

The main risk of this is the generation

from Google Analytics Universal to the GA4 structure; this makes many think that it is something trivial, that does not need reflection, analysis and care. model does not take into account the business Chinese UK B2C Phone Number List rules and particularities of the company, and thus, does not guarantee the correct and adequate view to answer the business questions. For example: while sessions were counted in the GAU of a web page. It is a new session event that occurs on the same day (engagement), if the user has already had contact with the form above, among other possibilities that will help in understanding user behavior with a broad and diversified view.

Special Database

There must be a broad understanding

In this way, the technical migration may not meet the necessary. Adjustment for the proper arrangement of properties that your business needs. There must be a broad understanding of the company’s business to plan. The necessary topology of accounts in a more EK Leads consistent, strategic and structuring way for the company. For example, in GAU web pageIn to understand the complete user journey between website and app in a single property. As well as performing breaks in sub-properties by product where each product team. Monitors and unifies the vision in a metrics of the business health. There may be problems in the generation of strategic

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