Experimentation Teams: what is the best structure for your company

The theme of testing and customization is a seven-headed bug for many companies. Many start with small tests, getting used to the idea of ​​specific experiments that from the beginning generate interesting learning for the business, but due to the lack of dedicated professionals or lack of knowledge on the part of the teams, they are unable to create a scalable CRO routine and strongly present in everyday life. On certain occasions there are dedicated professionals with knowledge of the discipline, but the. Organization of the company and the dependence on other teams make the process of putting a test into production something long and bureaucratic.

Center of Excellence

But what is the perfect team to have a successful testing program in the company? This varies according to the size Structure  Maturity and culture of each company. Continuing our special series on Experimentation In this post Business Owner B2C Phone Numbers Lists we will bring some team structures that may be interesting depending. On the peculiarities of your business. Center of Excellence In this type of structure. There is a centralizing team that assists the teams with creating standards Support and knowledge about. Typically, organizations that use this strategy have product development and experience organized in a decentralized manner. Tests have individual owners.


Special Database

are implementing tests

Who care only for a product or part of it. In this scenario, the center of excellence does not need to closely monitor the teams that are implementing tests. But rather establish the governance of the process as a whole. Suitable for More mature teams in with individual and decentralized roadmaps. Test Board model executor. In this type EK Leads of structure There is a centralizing team that governs the entire process of building and uploading tests in the experimentation tool While the owners of the experience focus on bringing hypotheses and generating results. This model is ideal for organizations where different roles have shared governance of the experience being tested and weekly alignment meetings are required to coordinate prioritization and testing roadmap.

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