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Send brief updates When it comes to text messaging. Brevity is key. Typically. 160 or fewer characters is the sweet spot. So you can keep copy within a single message. Think about the last time you receiv a virtual book from someone via sms text. You probably either didn’t read it or wish they would have just sent an email. Honor that instinct in your sms marketing. Nu m spa gets right to the point in its text confirmations. The company only includes the most pertinent information for its customers and includes a phone number for further questions.

The best marketing strategies

Better together Email and sms marketing both have unique strengths in different use cases. The best marketing strategies include both. And the best marketing platforms allow you to implement them in sync. For example. You might send an email with long-form content promoting africa email list an event a month before and then follow it up the week of with a reminder text. The key is to set up both through the same marketing tool so you can use automation triggers to maximize the strengths of each.

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