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Accelerate your reach with advertising If you want Your Product to go faster and have some budget, I recommend doing this hack : Once you have a few hundred followers and several posts, you are going to look for that post that has the most saved. Instagram saved “Saved” is the most important metric because it shows when your content is truly valuable to your audience. If something seems very good and useful to you, you click save to see it later. It is better than likes, comments or shares. (I keep them but never see them again because I don’t have time.

Have saved your Your Product content in the last

And confess it, neither do you). Once you have identified that top industry data publication that has worked the most, you are going to go to the Facebook Ads Manager and you are going to promote it . You will show that post to people similar to those who have saved your content in the last 180 days. First you create an audience of people who have saved your posts in the last 180 days and then you create a lookalike audience like this. Facebook Ads Ads Manager Ads Manager.

Discover you and become new followers

Then, you create your campaign and EK Leads show this post to that audience that doesn’t know you but has similar interests to the people who already interact with and like your content. It’s a way for people with similar interests to your audience to discover you and become new followers. You don’t need to invest a lot. You can invest from €5 a day . 7. Interact with your community This step is almost the most important, so read carefully. Social networks, as their name suggests, are “social.” Therefore, you have to constantly interact with your followers to increase your sales. Most people do it wrong.

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