One way to attract the interest of your fans, to improve interaction with the content you publish, to attract new ones and, why not say it, gain the sympathy of some “promotion hunters” is by holding raffles on the wall of your fan page . We have already seen a series of tips to keep in mind so that a giveaway on social networks works . Today I am going to explain how to make a giveaway on the wall of your fan page . It should be noted that a few years ago Facebook did not allow this type of content, although many community managers created it. But in August 2013, the promotion policy of this social network changed and since then it has been possible to hold raffles among those who “like” a certain publication or make a comment in response to it. What is not allowed is that, as a mechanic, the user is required to share the publication. Because? Very easy. If the sharer has their profile privacy set so that only their friends can see what they share, third parties cannot check who shared it. For a social media contest.

Facebook giveaway with Easpromos How to make

The simpler the better. My advice for the giveaway to work is to make the mechanics as simple as possible . A raffle among everyone who makes a comment or “likes”. We can also ask a question and only carry out the draw among those who have guessed correctly. If we do it this way, then we will have to check the comments one by one to see who got it right. After publishing the giveaway post company data we have achieved more than 1,200 responses. A complete success! But… How do we choose the winner? Do we put all the names of the participants on slips of paper and have an innocent hand choose the winner? It does not seem that

To choose the winner

this is going to be a very practical method, much less transparent. Let’s not forget that to prevent ourselves from possible social media crises , and that those who have participated start an offensive to discredit the brand or company, we must always use light andstenographers. How to choose the winner of a Facebook giveaway with Easpromos For me the best option EK Leads to manage this type of giveaway is Easypromos . A platform that helps you create practically any type of promotion: fan recruiters, direct prizes, quizzes, photo contests, quizzes, etc. I recommend paying attention to all the options that this promotions application offers. It is sure to be of great help to us when proposing new actions to our.


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