Social media tricks that you probably didn’t know


The good thing about being a community manager is that you never stop learning . The more you research, read or share knowledge with other colleagues, you realize how much you still have to know. I’m sorry to tell you that we will never know everything about digital marketing, social networks and everything they entail. Digital marketing Today I want to share 50 social media  Social media  tricks that you probably didn’t know – some you probably did – that will help you improve the daily management of your social networks. I will specifically talk about certain aspects of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google My Business. 0 Tricks to better manage your business’s fan page on Facebook Verification of Facebook fan pages .

Tricks  better manage  Twitter account Social media 

You don’t have to be a big company or brand to verify your fan page. This will help users know that the page is authentic. Doing it is very simple. Go to “Settings” and in the third option “Page verification” it will give you the option to verify it through the phone number that appears in the “Information” section. As soon as you click on “Call” you will receive a call with a executive email list code on that phone. Enter the code they told you in the box and… You now have your page verified! Segmentation of publications by language if you are targeting audiences who speak different languages ​​or by geographic area when you want to reach an audience in a specific area. This will prevent you from publishing a post with the same text in several languages. To do this, you just have to segment by language before publishing or scheduling it. If this option does not appear, check the settings. specifically.


Tricks to succeed on LinkedIn

News section audience and publication visibility« Upload videos presenting your company or several attractive images in succession to the cover. If you manage different advertising campaigns for different clients, do it through Business Facebook . This is the tool that Facebook makes available to digital marketing agencies to securely manage different pages and EK Leads or advertising accounts. Never delete a negative comment , if you don’t want it to be visible, hide it, but whoever wrote it and their friends will still be able to see it. If you do, it could backfire as you will only anger your users even more. The first thing you should do in these cases is reply to the comment, but when it is offensive or lacks credibility, it is best to hide it, not delete it. The author and his friends will continue to see it, but not the rest of the followers. Swearing filter . If your page, due to its theme, is prone to receiving.

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