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Thanks to the Internet in general, and social networks in particular, a new marketing strategy has emerged, influencer marketing. More and more companies are betting on it. The reason? Be much more credible and less invasive than conventional media. In this article we explain how to plan an influence marketing strategy effectively and some examples of this type of actions. What is it and  What is influencer marketing? Influencer marketing is a powerful tool that brands can use within the digital world to achieve their goals. It consists of communicating a product or service or some aspect of it to consumers through users with a great capacity to influence the opinions of others. Influencer marketing Why go for influencer marketing? According to the latest IAB study (2018), 7 out of 10 users follow an influencer, especially women and the youngest. They consider them to be credible and, among them, not very advertising. Facebook and Instagram are the networks where influencers are followed the most, followed by YouTube and Twitter. 46% of marketing and communication professionals have hired services on.

Identification selection of influencers What is it and 

influencer networks, mainly on Instagram. And 87% of them are very and quite satisfied with the actions with the influencers. The new generations no longer consume traditional media , but they do follow and trust influencers. It is more attractive for the user to follow executive data an influencer than a brand on social networks. Advantages of influencer marketing Unlike other digital marketing strategies, influencer marketing offers a series of advantages that are worth knowing: Influencers have the public’s attention, especially millennials . They have followers who trust them and are interested in everything they do and consume. They help position a brand in the market and in the minds.

Types of influencers according to the number 

credibility with a specific audience, about a specific topic. These people are opinion leaders in the digital media in which they operate and, therefore, can modify consumers’ opinions about a product and influence their purchasing decision. Types of influencers according to EK Leads the number of followers: celebrities, influencers and micro-influencers. Depending on their ability to influence in a certain area, the engagement generated and the number of followers, we establish three types of users with great ability to influence: Celebrities . Most of them are public figures from fields such as sports, arts, music, cinema… They usually have more than a million followers on networks such as Instagram or Facebook. Their fees are usually high and contacting them is usually through agencies.

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