7 storytelling books to tell good stories

 At this point in the game, you will already know what storytelling is . And if you still don’t know, I invite you to read some articles that I wrote a long time ago but that are still on the rise. As well as on my social networks, where I often share content based on the structure and creation of stories… and more that I am going to share! If you are looking for storytelling books that help you make good use of narrative as a communication tool for your personal brand or business, you have come to the right place. A few days ago I shared 10 copywriting books that every copywriter should read. And the truth is that, dedicating myself to storytelling for more than 10 years (some books came out later), I couldn’t miss this list. So keep reading! Because you’re going to love what I bring you today, and I won’t beat around the bush.

How to build a storybrand (Donald Miller)

This is one of the storytelling books that I have as a bedside. Donald Miller has the ability to tell you his own methodology through the clarification of messages. He above all makes use of written messages. In addition, he absorbs you with his way of telling things. Therefore, with examples of brands with which he and his team at Story brand (his company) have worked. As well as the use of anecdotes with his colleagues, friends and family. While it is true that we do not know if these stories top people data  are true or not. Therefore, at least they do help you imagine the scenario and visualize it. Therefore, using your imagination to perceive these examples as solutions to what you may encounter in the future.

Storytelling as a communication strategy

This is one of the essential storytelling books for those of us who are dedicated to storytelling for brands, but also for those who are not dedicated to it. A book with personality and impeccable design. It is as graphic and visual as the narrative tools that Guillaume Lamarre shares with us in it. If you are looking for a super technical book, this is not for you. If you are looking for super deep storytelling books with an immense level, this is not it either. It is an easy book to read for EK Leads communicators, creatives and for those entrepreneurs who are starting their business and don’t know how to communicate their story.

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