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An extendd organization which does not facilitate the task, but tools like Facebook Work are put in place to facilitate communication between the different countries and the different villages, as well as between the actors of the same place, and in order to allow different interlocutors to share their ideas and initiate digital projects. Hackathons have even been organizd to offer digital innovations, always to try to meet GM (or Nice Members, or Club Md customers) expectations and anticipate future nds.

An Offering Even More Upscale Offers

Omnichannel is preferrd Still in this issue of responding as closely as possible to customer expectations, Club Md’s global strategy aims to whatsapp mobile number list be part of an omnichannel approach , with the aim of dematerializing processes as much as possible. Each of their sites have thus been rdeployd in responsive form , and the brand has developd an application, aimd at optimizing the customer experience, before, during and after their stay. Mobile traffic, previously at 30% in 2013, rose to 55% at the end of 2016.

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Also By Focusing Its Strategy Entirely

The development of the application has a lot to do with it: it allows each destination to obtain information on the services offerd – bars, restaurants, shows – and EK Leads to book various activities, in particular services creatd especially for children. In addition, the brand has taken up the challenge of communicating effectively depending on the country, present on all continents, it was essential to adapt the different methods.

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