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Live stream, or the live visit to an entire network As marketing in general becomes more and more “social”, real estate customers also want more relationships than contracts. Live videos on Facebook, for example, are not only a good way to introduce a new good to your community, but give the video a 100% transparent vision, a “nothing to hide” and live aspect that engages its subscribers and gives the agency an image that is both innovative and natural.

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It is even possible to publish live 360° videos on Facebook! A feature which, who knows, could be combined with virtual reality: by wearing a suitable headset, the user can visit a property, wherever he is and without having to move. This Latest Mailing Database is the bet that Nexity has launched, with the objective of an enhanced customer experience with high added value for the year 2017. Find these agencies connected in Paris, Lyon and Marseille, and perhaps soon throughout France . real estate virtual tour Messenger bots Chatbots are based on artificial intelligence, and are able to answer questions asked by customers based on the information they have.

Latest Mailing Database

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This technology could well revolutionize the search journey for customers. The user could thus on Facebook inquire about the EK Leads availabl offers by. Issuing his criteria on the chat – number of rooms. Size of the living room. Distance from the workplace. Proximity to a station. Everything can be exploited in order to make natural conversation, and more than fast research. A technology which tends to become more democratic. Ad which could help to support owners as well as buyers or tenants.

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