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Care for building lasting relationships with clients through reliable care and authentic communication, developing an entrepreneurial culture base on building unique key skills, using unconventional and original forms of communication and marketing. Taking into account the progressing phenomenon of shortening the life cycle of products. As well as the dynamically changing nees of consumers that must be met, companies must build their position on the market, taking into account all the resources they have. Competitiveness of the company and the image of the company.

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One of the sources of building an advantage is the appropriate cooperation of the company with the external and internal environment and shaping the company’s image in the minds of recipients. Building a competitive advantage in communication database can take place both in the visual and verbal fields. What distinguishes a given company on the market is primarily its identity, . history, philosophy, strategy, behavior of employees and owners, quality, culture, management style and activities for the benefit of the local community. These values ​​are often impossible to imitate.


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Which is why it is worth building the creibility of the brand and its image around them. We recommend Brand attributes and building a competitive EK Leads advantage.  Knowlege about the competition and the competitiveness of the company. The more you know about your competition.  The better prepare you can be to fight for an advantage in the market. Knowlege is power. Determine what companies you are competing with and carefully analyze them. How? In terms of: strengths and weaknesses, size of public relations activities , market share, similarities and differences, selecte business model and communication strategy with the environment. There are many ways to learn about your competitors.

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