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Knowlege and experience brainstorming), facilitating the exchange of information and communication (formal and informal, information boards, communicators, e-mails, meetings, meetings with superiors, various types of reports), motivational (financial and non-financial, payroll policy, system of awarding bonuses and awards, prestige relate to the position held, social assistance packages), supporting development training, access to tools facilitating the acquisition of knowlege), strengthening the identification of employees with the company.

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Uniform clothing, company gadgets, badges, company cars), monitoring work employee appraisals). Internal marketing should be an element of an efficient system of integrate marketing communication. In order for the applie instruments to phone number list be effective, it requires a change in the way of thinking and awareness of both management and employees, as well as knowlege of the principles and faith in the effectiveness of the actions taken. Employees are your strength Brutal employee models, such as the sieve strategy , can easily take revenge on the employer.

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Integration Is So Important In The Work

Especially where the success of the business depends on regular employees . More than one company has gotten into trouble because of what employees have said about it. Most of the complaints that subordinates have against their bosses EK Leads relate to communication: lack of clarity in communication, wrong way of communication, lack of respect in communication, lack of communication on important matters. All these problems can be eliminate, among others, by conducting internal marketing. When you take care of customers with the utmost care, employees see the contrast even more when looking at the internal conditions and methods of communication. Both real benefits and facilitations, as well as symbolic gestures, are important.

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