On the other hand companies must very attentive if they

On the other hand companies must very attentive if they want to able to respond to the needs of new consumers. Omnichannel as an answer today omnichannel more important than ever. Every day new channels appear in which customers will give their opinion about brands and which and will an immense source of data that can help us know what they expect from us what they think of us and what they think about us. What we can do to make them more satfied. It key to understand our consumers in the channels they speaking to available when purchase or interaction decions.

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Within th omnichannel we can also talk about “conversational commerce” in which large social media giants investing. It tangible proof that these new customers and their attitudes differ from that generation that only checks the review of a brand mobile app designs service product or service. Although generations like the boomer or the the use of surveys to understand what customers say increasingly just an incomplete point of information cause very few people respond to surveys but instead communicate their opinion regardless of the channel through calls chats social networks forums etc.

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Furthermore from an efficiency point of view omnichannel allows us to provide support to the different types of clients we have with the same “pull” of agents. Th ensures that we cover more traditional channels such as voice and dozens or hundreds of more EK Leads modern channels from a single platform. Th allows us to understand the “global picture” of both the individual and the aggregate customer and even move the conversation to the channel that most interests us and the customer in real time. But so that th photo truly global and we can exploit that incredible.

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