That at the same time reduce service costs

That at the same time reduce service costs. We have already seen how social networks and technology impacting. All generations in the life cycle of a customer but how different that experience for each one the customer experience for the new generations. It has been seen and demonstrated that previous generations use social networks especially in. The information search phase prior to purchasing. However new generations have a completely. Open relationship with social networks and openly sh their emotions desires needs etc. It’s your day to day.

Should I continue communicating

It therefore very important to understand what they saying in order to be able based on th to define the communication strategy and thus be able to get closer to users meet their expectations build their loyalty and make them profitable for the brand. It therefore mobile app development service very necessary to have a much more global understanding of our clients not just focusing on what they say in surveys or suggestion boxes. Th enormous ocean of information key to personalization and of vital importance for these new generations highly demanding of unique experiences. New generations no longer interested in a “generic and slow” experience.

But what is a micro influencer

But instead demand personalization and immediacy. It worth remembering that these consumers our future customer base. An example of what has been mentioned can be found with trends such as caring for the environment. A topic as relevant to new EK Leads generations as sustainability appears to be key to the survival of companies and many companies have in fact created specific departments for th a. There already studies that confirm that consumers consider changing brands if they carry out negative actions towards the environment. Th something that shows two things: on the one hand that consumer expectations have changed.

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