5 Steps for Moving Forward after Being Made Redundant

You’ve researche your audience. You’ve create mind-blowing content. You’re ready to launch your digital marketing campaign. However. All your efforts will be waste if you don’t have a robust analytics system in place from the start. According to renolon. Over half of all websites use google analytics which has the largest market share at 30 percent (statista data) of any analytics platform. This just shows the importance of google analytics as a platform. Until 2020. Google’s platform was known as universal analytics (ua). This is now being replace by google analytic

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with ua being phase out by 2023. So it’s important to understand what’s change and make sure your business new data is already using ga4 to make sure you don’t lose out on data or insights. Read ‘a guide to ga4 vs universal analytics’ to find out everything you nee to know. So let’s find out how you can leverage the power of analytics to maximize revenue and stay ahead of the game. What is web analytics? Web analytics involves the collection. Measurement. And analysis of website data. Web analytics tools can provide lots of useful information about the origin of website traffic. How website users navigate and interact throughout a website.

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 What content and web pages they’re most engage with. And how they exit the site. What’s the importance of google EK Lead analytics? There are many reasons why using analytics tools is a no-brainer for digital marketers today. Here are three of the more important reasons: it helps you make data-le decisions marketers can use the data uncovere by analytics tools to optimize the performance of their channels and websites by taking data-driven decisions. These are actions we take to improve performance base on our understanding of the data we’ve recorde; that is. The data is leading the decision. For example.

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