Infographic with errors to avoid on your Social Networks

She is a lecturer and trainer at business schools where she helps people boost their professional development individually and in groups. She is very good Infographic with at creating strategies to identify her clients’ talent, improve it, put it into action and give it visibility, to achieve the results expected by each person. We are the sum of the people we help to shine.

But if you are still not clear

About what this book can give you, I leave you below the synopsis of Put your talent into action, which can help you decide if this book is for you or not.

If there is something that identifies Elena on the Internet. You could say that it is an authentic because of the way it manages to engage its audience with the words and its company data way of communicating. Just look at his posts on his Facebook. The engagement he has is brutal.

Plan different response Infographic with

Options with the data obtained. From the analysis and make a decision about the possible responses. It is important to apologize in case of error, acknowledge it. Apologize publicly and correct it to prevent. It from happening again); Control  (how the response given evolves to know. If it is sufficient EK Leads to solve the problem or if it is necessary to take other measures).

Although it may not seem like it. Managing a brand’s presence on social networks is not an easy task and therefore. It is very important to have a good action plan in Social Media and know how to execute it when necessary! Therefore, I leave you this infographic with actions that I believe you should never do on social networks in general, and also specifically, on some of the most important platforms.

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