45 things you should never do on social media

I have seen in front of me great professionals who expressed the uncertainty caused by not knowing what their talent was, exhausted from walking never do aimlessly and with the feeling that their most valuable professional opportunities were passing before them because “others” could not see them. In those first encounters, I imagined them feeling invisible, in a cold and dark alley, accumulating (without being fully aware) life experiences, knowledge, fears, skills and feats, but without any type of order, placing them in an inconspicuous place; I called it the back room.

never do to feel invisible

Stop putting your dreams in the hands of others and focus your energy on building your professional development space with method, strategy and creativity.

Accompanying them on their development path with the use of this metaphor allowed them to understand that in order to reach the store (that place where, at last, they can achieve executive data their results and the perfect place in which to communicate and make visible what they can do for the others), it was nothing more than a matter of overwhelming personal work.

Identifying and classifying talent in the warehouse and, above all, taking the great leap of transforming it into value for others in the workshop, became the key pieces of their strategies to achieve success.

With great damage to the company?

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