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Get in touch with us for advice on integrat communication for your company TweetShare Leonardo Rosa Written by Leonardo Rosa Project manager and copywriter. He was born as a jurist and was then conquer by corporate journalism. Curiosity. investigation and passion for storytelling guide his creative writing for numerous business sectors.How to reconcile storytelling and P in B2B: pitfalls and opportunities LEONARDO ROSA – 27 JANUARY 2023 b2b storytelling Despite the continuous evolution of digital tactics and tools. there are elements that maintain their strategic importance over time.

This is the case of storytelling and itorial plans.

If we are all familiar with the itorial plan. storytelling has more blurr boundaries. However. let’s say that it is a form of communication that did not africa email list  arise recently: the art of narration. from oral to written stories. is a thousand-year-old means of passing on stories. knowlge and traditions. Today it is us to communicate commercial information relat to products or a brand in an engaging way . An effective method of communication precisely because it is bas on a habit deeply root in human beings.

Telling stories is the best way to transfer knowlge and experience.

Involving people. You might be interest in: “Tell the story of your B2B company on social networks with Storytelling” Social: itorial plan and creativity also in B2B b2b storytelling The mistake that made B2B companies wait a long time before using digital communication. in particular social mia. was that they thought that to speak to a business customer they had to use a language made only of data and technical terms.    EK Leads  Using the Storytelling technique also works in business to business because company values ​​can be convey more effectively and aspects of the brand or a single product that could not be communicat by a table or graph can be describ.

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