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Add new add a new plugin 2. Search and install Scriptless Social Sharing Enter Scriptless Social in the search field. the add-on and select Install now install social mia buttons 3. Activate the add-on Click Activate scriptless social sharing 4. Go to the plugin settings Select Settings > Scriptless Social Sharing social buttons add-on 5. networks you you want. you can drag them into the order you want in the Button Order section social mia buttons 6. Define are display before the content and/or after the content or if you add them manually

Select the social mia services

The Manual option is us if you want to email list add the buttons directly to the code. If you want to add the buttons yourself where you want. you can use the shortcode provid by the add-on. More detail instructions can be found on the FAQ page of the add-on. scriptless social sharing settings 7. If desir.  e-mail distribution. and Save the changes social button settings 8. Open an article and see how the buttons look. In this case. the buttons that come before the content don’t work for me.

Define the title and text of the

So I’m going to turn them off in the EK Leads settings. social mia buttons in writing 9. Remove or add options Now Articles – Before Content social button settings change 10. Now the buttons only appear at the end. Also remember to test that the buttons work! share buttons at the end of the text 11. Check the sharing texts and image If the shar image and text are not what you want. install a search engine optimization plugin such as Yoast SEO and configure social sharing settings in the article/page iting mode from the SEO box and try sharing again. split view 12.

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