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Facebook Ads Facebook for B2B marketingf LinkedIn is the platform where a B2B company must be found, Facebook is the one where the target would not expect to find it. According to data published by the Social Media Examiner in the 2022 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 85% of vertical marketers in the B2B world use Facebook , while 82% use LinkedIn. Although much more difficult to target, as it is not a vertical social network in the world of work, Facebook users can be exploited for lead generation. In particular, Meta, the company that owns

Linkedin was born from an idea of ​​entrepreneur

Facebook and Instagram, recently announced the introduction of new targeting criteria on erage for B2B lead generation. Digital marketing provides numerous tools to integrate such as email marketing, SEO , company blog , content marketing and much more. 66% of B2B marketing managers, according to the 2022 B2B Marketing Mix Report.  Say they see a return on investmentBusiness Database from social media sponsorship activity , confirming the effectiveness of these tools. Do you want a lead generation strategy for your business? Trust us. Fill out the form to schedule a free first call and find out how we can help you.

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ter user experienceBubbleNewsHow to optimize your B2B website forEL Leads a better user experienceIn the world of B2B marketing/.The Facebook Ads  website plays a crucial role in engaging potential customers. Furthermore, to maximize conversions and achieve tangible results, an attractive design is not enough.

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