Find and cover content gaps

Content gaps are keywords that your competitors rank for, but you don’t. Here’s how to find content gaps for your site: Go to Ahrefs’ Competitive Analysis tool Enter your domain in the Target section Enter your competitors’ domains in the Competitors section Hit “Compare” Click the Content Gap report Ahrefs’ Competitive Analysis tool Hit the . Main positions only toggle to exclude your competitors’ rankings in SERP features like “Top stories” and “Image packs.” Toggling the “Main positions only” feature Look through the report and identify keywords that are relevant for your site. “steal” with .  Ahrefs’ Competitive Analysis tool Look through the report to see if there are any keywords where you could optimize an . Existing page to grab the featured snippet. For example, Venngage owns the featured snippet for “how to make posters,” which is a list of steps:

Spy on your competitors’ featured snippets

Featured snippets are quick answers in search results that Google pulls from a page ranking in the top 10. Example of a . Featured snippet If you can find featured . Snippets your competitors own where you rank in the top 10, you can potentially “steal” these featured category email list snippets. Here’s how you can see these opportunities: Go to Ahrefs’ . Competitive Analysis tool Enter a competitor’s domain in the Target section Enter your domain in the Competitors section Hit “Compare” Click the Content Gap report Set the SERP features filter to “Where target ranks” and check “Featured snippet” Set Target’s position from “No” to “Any” How to find featured snippet opportunities to

5. See where your competitors’ traffic is coming from

Knowing which countries your competitors get the bulk of their organic traffic from . Helps you understand whether you can get more traffic by translating or creating your content in other languages. Here’s how to see this: Go to Ahrefs’ Site EK Leads Explorer Enter your competitor’s domain Look at the Traffic by country section . Traffic by country breakdown for .  Venngage We can see that the U.S. is where Venngage gets the bulk of its traffic. So as a competitor, you’ll naturally want to focus on English-language content. However, there are opportunities for . cPuntries like  .Mexico, Philippines, Brazil, and India too. You could potentially translate your . Homepage and landing pages into Spanish, Portugues .

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