How to Do an SEO Competitor Analysis

Your competitors are a goldmine of information you can use to improve your SEO strategy. In this post, you’ll learn how to find that information with an SEO competitor analysis. What is an SEO competitor analysis? An SEO competitor analysis is where you dig into the SEO strategies of your competitors. The aim is to find their strengths and weaknesses so you can outrank them.this may not give you great results. So here’s what you can do instead: Go to Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer Enter some keywords potential customers may use to search for your product or service Go to Traffic share by domain

Why should you perform an SEO competitor analysis?

Performing an SEO competitor analysis allows you to: Learn what works and what doesn’t in your industry and avoid mistakes. Capitalize on your competitors’ weaknesses. Replicate your competitors’ strengths. Understand industry email list what SEO tasks to prioritize going forward. Understand how difficult outperforming competitors is likely to be. When should you perform an SEO  competitor analysis? You should perform an SEO competitor analysis when: You have a new website. You’re planning your SEO strategy. Competitors are outranking you or when your rankings have dropped. How to perform an SEO competitor analysis

1. Identify your SEO competitors

Your SEO competitors are the websites EK Leads competing for your desired keywords in organic search. These may not be the same as your direct business competitors. For example, HubSpot ranks for “how to make infographics” even though it’s not a direct business competitor of any infographic design tool: HubSpot ranks for “how to make infographics” Here’s how you can identify SEO competitors fast: Go to Ahrefs’ Site Explorer Enter your domain Go to the Organic competitors report See SEO competitors fast with Ahrefs’ Organic competitors report This report shows you competing websites that rank in the top 10 for the same keywords as your website. These are likely your SEO competitors. If your site is new, 

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