What Does Google Analytics Do

Which are part of the google marketing platform adobe analytics woopra kissmetrics webtrends matomo what is google analytics (ga)? The market leader and most commonly use analytics program is the free version of google analytics or ga as it is sometimes known. The paid version of ga. Calle google analytics 360. Offers some additional functionality in terms of report validity and sample sizes. But it’s mainly for websites that receive over 10 million page views per month. For the vast majority of websites. The free version of google analytics is perfectly fine. What is google analytics use for? Because of its functionality and widespread adoption in the market.

Google analytics is seen by many marketers

Google analytics is seen by many marketers as the single source of truth for website traffic. Engagement. And conversion data. Google analytics latest database can track the user or consumer journey. Providing rich data around channels use. Locations. And devices. These journeys can then be tracke through to on-site activity. Goals achieve. Exit points. As well as returning visitors. Which indicates loyalty. What are the benefits of google analytics? Google analytics is an excellent choice for most marketing nees. Some benefits of the standard. Free version of google analytics include: it’s free it’s easy to implement and install it has a user-friendly interface it offers customizable reports. Dashboards.

And data collection it offers basic and advance

And data collection it offers basic and advance options it offers seamless integration with other google products it offers post-click EK Lead integration with non-google traffic sources. Including facebook. Yahoo. And bing it provides extensive. Valuable insights into web behavior what does google analytics do? Why choose dmi? Understanding the basic terminology there are two key concepts underpinning analytics reporting – dimensions and metrics. Dimensions describe data: things like country. Channel. Location. Age. Gender. And device use. Metrics measure data such as visitor numbers.

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