What is web analytics

Goal completions. Etc. We segment metrics using dimensions – for example. Visits by device type – to get a complete picture. So we can see the total visitor metrics for a website segmente by the device category dimension – i.e desktop. Tablet. Or mobile users. This allows us to better understand the effectiveness and scale of each device in driving visits and conversions on a website. Some common dimensions within google analytics include: channel name month country device some common engagement metrics within google analytics include: sessions users percentage new sessions or visits page views pages per session average session duration you should explore the metrics that are available to you.

What are conversion metrics

And see how they can be segmente using dimensions to get a deeper understanding of your website special data traffic and customers. What are conversion metrics? Conversion metrics are an extension of standard visitor metrics. They focus on telling the story behind the valuable actions that users can take on your website. These are generally actions that impact commercial performance. Such as revenue totals. Conversion rates. Etc. There are some common conversion metrics within google analytics. They can all be viewe in the traffic reports. So you can see how much value each of the different channels is driving. Common conversion metrics include: goals – the number of valuable actions taken on the site. Including sales.

The number of individual sales

 downloads conversion rate – the percentage of visitors that complete a goal transactions – the number of individual sales or shopping basket items sold on an EK Lead ecommerce website revenue – the monetary value of the ecommerce sales you can start to determine the value of the campaigns from your different digital marketing channels by looking at the number of goals and transactions from each channel. The conversion rates. And the cost per conversion. With these three data points. You can decide if a channel is profitable in relation to its time and cost investment. Read: ‘google analytics goals guide: how to set up and track your bottom-line kpis’ to find out more about setting up goals on ga.

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