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Therefore, If you want to know what Google Discover is , how it works, and how to appear on Discover in 2023, this Guide will help you appear and activate Google Discover. Google Discover is a Google feature that provides users with content without having to search for it. Its objective is to discover interesting and useful information and content that adapts to the user’s interests. Guide to appearing The interesting thing about this tool is that it is personalized according to the user and the recommendations are based on the user’s location and their interactions in Google products. It is a very powerful tool and when used well, you can get a large amount of traffic in just a few days, generating great.

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In this Google Discover Guide, from guest author Jamil Mansilla. He will show you what this results feed is, how it works, and how to get your site to appear in it. Unlike Google search , which returns a series of results. Depending on the queries executive email list you make, Discover shows results without the user performing any search. Google’s goal will be to show content that helps and is personalized for the user .

This content mostly tends to be recent publications, such as news. But it can also be old content from previous months or years. Google Discover works by using an algorithm that analyzes a user’s. Searches and browsing behavior to determine their interests and preferences. Then, present the user with relevant content in the form of articles. News, videos, and other posts on the Discover page.

Guide to appearing also takes

Into account the quality of the content and relevance to the user. As well as the popularity and performance of the content on Google. Additionally, Google Discover EK Leads can also suggest content based on the user’s. Location and search history on other Google services, such as YouTube and Google Maps. Google Discover shows any content that is indexed on Google and that does not violate content policies for discover . These policies are not at all demanding, but rather. Avoid bad practices and in short offer quality content that may interest the user.

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