Don’t Be Afraid to Dissuade Potential Customers

An effective content marketing plan is the basis of the methodology However many companies are not fully aware of the possibilities of using content to close a greater number of contracts. Let’s talk about it in today’s article! What is meant by inbound sales? One of the biggest doubts about inbound sales arises from the fact that using content to find new B2B customers is a time-consuming process. It can take months for a company blog post to appear on the first page of Google.

Many Therefore Ask

Themselves: is it worth investing time resources and energy in creating valuable content ? The answer is yes. Although it will take Business Database months for the blog article to reach the front page in the meantime it will have accumulat hundrs of views having a significant impact on the company’s revenues . Download the ebookIt is often believ that content marketing only serves two things: bring organic traffic to the company website which is fundamental in the long term bring traffic to social mia more immiate and useful in the short term In fact there is a third way to use content effectively: have the sales force deliver relevant content to prospects to solve their most common doubts about the product or service offer before they even ask questions about it.

This is what is call inbound sales

Inbound sales How to implement an inbound sales strategy Before you start thinking about an inbound sales strategy you ne to make sure you have adequate material available. The advice is to review all the contents on the company website and ask yourself the following questions: How much are they EG Lists ucational and how much are they promotional? Can they really help potential customers make a purchasing decision? Is the focus plac on the company or on the nes of prospects?

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