How to apply the move filter in photoshop

 Realistic-mockups-in-photoshop-with-the-move-filter how does photoshop’s move filter work? Photoshop is able to deform a layer (whether normal or advanced object) by examining a black and white image (saved in native format: psd) and using it as a reference to . Indeed . Move the pixels… Creating the illusion of a deformation . Let’s see the classic example of a t-shirt mockup on which to apply a logo ; logo that will have to follow the folds of the fabric and change brightness (with the blending modes ). How to apply the move filter in photoshop first you need to transform your image file (fabric . T-shirt . Hat or other) into a black and white photo and then save it in psd.

This file will be the map that photoshop

 You can use different methods to asia email list convert a photo to black and white: for example the black and white adjustment layer found in the adjustments panel  . Or hue and saturation (moving the saturation to the right) . Or you can use a set channel mixer adjustment layer on monochrome . Whichever method you choose (each method has pros and cons . You can in fact obtain more or less contrasted and editable black and whites) remember to save the file in psd ( photoshop’s native format) . This file will be the map that photoshop will use to deform any logo or text you want to apply.


Smart objects allow you to retain

 Apply-the-black-and-white-adjustment at this EK Leads point  . Insert the logo you want to apply (in this case on the t-shirt) as a smart object . Smart objects allow you to retain the native information of the file and perform non-destructive editing (find more details on why to use smart objects in this article of ours ) insert-logo-as-advanced-object at this point we just have to apply the move filter : go to the filter>distop>move menu apply-the-move-filter-to-the-advanced-object photoshop will ask you how hard to apply the distortion ; it is difficult even for those who are experts in the program to understand without a preview which values to insert in the options fields.

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