Which is very convenient for those who have already

Has just entered this world. Also visit our courses on mac page and sign up to our newsletter to get a 10% discount on your next course! The main Which is very differences between the windows environment and the mac environment the mac desktop  . Or “desktop .” works much like the windows desktop. The mac desktop allows you to organize files and folders as you like; the peculiarity of the mac desktop is that it allows us to organize files in piles . Stacks are essentially the overlap of files of the same type and extension that are expanded upon click.


Another difference with windows

 Stacks make your desk appear tidier email List than it is. If you want more information on how to use batteries . Read the official apple support page at this link . Another difference with windows pcs is that the mac does not have a “start” button . Instead . It is possible to access the ” launchpad ”  . A screen that shows all the applications installed on the mac in a view very similar to the one we have on the iphone and ipad . Which is very convenient for those who have already chosen apple in the mobile sector.


Always positioned at the top of the screen

 To make the best use of your mac . It is essential to understand the EK Leads operation and use of the menu bar. Unlike windows . The mac menu bar . Always positioned at the top of the screen . Shows the menu of the application you are currently using . This means that you can quickly access all the functions of an application without having to switch windows. Furthermore . The mac menu bar contains most of the system settings and “control center” functions  . Such as adjusting the volume and brightness . The status of the wifi and bluetooth connection and for laptops the level of battery . Which are all in one location.


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