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I recently talked to. To name a few. But mentioning all these specialists. Does not mean that they use BIM. This is true, but the adoption of BIM technology is growing at a very rapid pace. Thanks to the interest of private investors and the popularization of the requirement to use BIM in public projects , the percentage of BIM users is in Europe USP marketing research . Some countries, such as the UK, Denmark and the Netherlands, boast high rates of such people. This number is expect to increase to by . A report from the American Institute of Architects found that of U.S.

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Architecture firms use BIM for invoicing. As many as of large companies photo editing servies say this, and in the case of smaller companies this percentage is . of Japanese specialists use. BIM in their work Autodesk & SB C&S . But what does all this mean? Well, the rise in BIM popularity is leading to a greater demand for manufacturers who deliver their products in the form of BIM objects. Check how it works Why is BIM important? BIM is important for construction professionals because it enables more efficient workflows, better design decisions and allows people to build better and more sustainably.

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However, the benefits of BIM go far EK Leads beyond the group of direct stakeholders. The digital transformation of the construction industry is important for. Our planet and the people who inhabit it. So much so that world leaders at COP devot an entire day to discussing the built environment . Why? Because we cannot cope with more new buildings and construction methods that are harmful to the climate. On the other hand, BIM offers data driven prictability that allows you to build better with less resources. BIM and sustainable development BIM will not solve the climate crisis.

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