These limitations can be

These limitations can be The more you improve the chances of LinkIn to match your CSV with the right companies. So you upload an Account list on Linkin Sales Navigator, make sure to provide as many data as possible. csv upload linkin The best case scenario is when you have the linkin URL of the company page. It’s obviously really simple for LinkIn to retrieve the company in its database when you provide this information. 

Map the data inputs

Once you upload your file, Linkin will ask seo expate bd you to map the headers of your file with the expect inputs. map field upload account list Simply associate the right columns with the right data and press launch. 4. Let Linkin do the matching When you launch a CSV upload a little tag “CSV” will appear next to the name of the list. upload csv to create account list sales navigator it often takes 5-30 min to LinkIn to retrieve the companies depending on the size of your file. Once you get the list, you can start the linkin outreach. csv import results sales navigator On this example we can see that the matching is perfect only by providing company name and websites.

However Linkin can make

Mistakes and associate companies in your list EK Leads with the wrong LinkIn company pages. 2 options here: You find the LinkIn URL of all company pages before the upload so you are sure that the matching is perfect You don’t provide the LinkIn URL and you spend some time double-checking the results Personally I prefer option 1 as double-checking data is really painful. Questions About Linkin Sales Navigator CSV Uploads Most commons questions are: Can you import lead lists on Sales Navigator? What to do after uploading my CSV? 1. Can you import lead lists on Sales Navigator? You can’t import lead lists on Linkin Sales Navigator. 

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