Understand Why They Are Not the Same in Marketing

Doing Content Marketing is not limited to publishing a blog post from time to time and sharing it. Understand Why The difference lies in its strategic nature. Discover why Content Marketing and content production are two sides of the same coin. Currently, companies are aware of the benefits of Content Marketing . This is why 60% of Marketing professionals work to create at least one piece of content a day according to eMarketer . And in the digital world, consistency is key to generating results.

Understand Why Just Producing Content is Not Enough

Digital Marketing has gone through countless email database transformations over the years. Undoubtedly, one of the most important trends has been the adaptation of Content Marketing to the digital strategy of brands. You see, brands have found the opportunity to attract and interact with their audiences in a less invasive way, thanks to the production of content that not only seeks to sell, but also educate, inspire and even entertain. This is where we should talk about the differences between Content Marketing and content production .

The Strategic Nature of Content Marketing

Starting content production without a strategy EK Leads that articulates it is not only a waste of resources. But it can represent a risk for your brand image. Shooting posts without a common thread does not deliver the message you want and can confuse your audience. To avoid this, Content Marketing works with the sales funnel that organizes the content according to the stage in which the users are. That is, you want to take users from point A to point B through valuable content.

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