Content Marketing and Data Analysis Are Related

Creating a content strategy requires a lot of research. Content Marketing Defining a buyer persona, understanding their pains, and identifying the best way to solve them is only possible through data collection and analysis . Next, we will present some tools that will help you define key aspects of your Content Marketing strategy and guide its production. To build them, you can conduct interviews with your current customers or analyze your user database to identify common points about their habits, interests, and challenges.

Content Marketing Analysis of Organic CTR on Google

The Click Through Rate , or CTR, represents the email leads rate of clicks. On a page on the Internet with respect to the number of impressions it had. This metric is one of the most important in. Digital Marketing, as it reflects the quality of your keywords. That is, it allows you to know if your content responds to the users’ search intention. This number is divided by the number of sessions your. Page has from Google to give life to the CTR metric, which Search Console displays.

Evaluation of User Behavior on Your Pages

Now let’s see how you can use data analysis EK Leads within your website to optimize your. Content Marketing strategy and the content production processes that accompany it. Once a user enters your website, understanding their behavior will make it easier for. You to see which points are working and which can be improved. With this information you can improve the performance of your pages. Trying to give the user a better experience, which will make the. Google algorithm see your website favorably and want to position it well in its rankings.

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