Understand Its Importance With Undoubted Examples

The elemental role of culture in International. Marketing has been more than demonstrated over the years and the experiences of different brands. Precisely, in this article we want to share some very good examples of organizations that have effectively taken. This aspect into account to succeed and consolidate themselves in new frontiers. Understand Its Also, we will mention some cases in which companies, even large corporations, left culture aside. Or studied it in the wrong way, which logically led to negative consequences.

Understand Its Why is Culture So Important in International Marketing

David Viscott once said that “the world is a puzzle top people data whose pieces each of us puts together in different ways. This phrase from the distinguished American psychiatrist makes us reflect on the different perspectives that each person has of their environment. Taking this into account, imagine how many differences there will be between those individuals who, in addition to having their own reasoning and evaluations, operate in different countries, which are not similar in traditions, languages ​​and other cultural elements.

The Value of Culture in International Marketing

Taking culture into account in EK Leads International Marketing. And effectively breaking into a certain market and country demands much more than conviction, desire and effort. Basically, it consists of ensuring that the minds of collaborators, managers and directors. Go beyond the borders of the country in which the company is located . To do this, it is essential to observe it as part of a global environment. In which the Internet, social networks and new technologies allow us to reach consumers in any country.

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